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Vision correction surgery is now more effective and affordable than ever.

With the rise in popularity of advanced treatments including laser eye and lens replacement surgery, nowadays there is no need to rely on contact lenses or glasses.

Research has shown that these advanced forms of vision correction are safe and effective, and more than 95% of people who undergo either procedure are happy with the results.1 Better yet, you will be offered a free consultation to help you understand which option is best suited to your eyesight, age and budget.

Quick Procedure, Lasting Benefits

Lens Replacement

If you are over 50 or farsighted, you will likely be better suited to the increasingly popular procedure known as lens replacement surgery.

Lens surgery is safe and effective and can correct both distance and near vision.

During the procedure your surgeon will remove your natural lens and replace it with a premium synthetic lens. This procedure is also used to treat people with cataracts, helping them see the world clearly again.

Patients who have had lens surgery go on to enjoy clearer, sharper vision for the long term.

It’s official – vision correction surgery is now one of the world’s most performed elective surgeries

Laser Eye surgery can cost as little as £19 per month per eye

Laser Eye Surgery

For those under 50 who do not suffer from farsightedness, laser eye surgery is likely the most viable option.

This operation uses a cool beam of light to reshape the transparent layer at the front of the eye (the cornea). Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it only takes 20 minutes to transform a patient’s vision with laser eye surgery.

Improvements in vision are often as monumental as the procedure is quick. With the most common laser eye procedures, patients can usually return to work within two days, free of their contacts or glasses. For lens replacement, the healing process is slightly longer.

As with any surgical procedure, there are certain potential risks associated with these treatments. You should always seek expert advice prior to surgery.

Who should I work with?

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